Executive Content Specialist

I create human-generated, SEO-optimized content for mentors, startup founders, and SMEs. 

About Me

 “How we craft our brand story matters.  Words have wings and if we don’t clip them,
they’ll fly right into the hearts of our readers” – Shannon
(A little flowery, I know, but I believe it.)

16 years of content writing, editing and application experience
B2B and B2C content development for multiple industries
A strong focus on transparent, branded content
Life is too short for stale content.

When I first heard the phrase, “You were born an original. Don’t die a carbon copy,” it tugged at something deep in my core. I didn’t know anything about the author, John Mason, or his book of the same name. Nor did I really care. I was too busy trying to make life happen as a recent college graduate headed back home to Atlanta. 

But skip over a few decades, and now I get why those words took hold and refused to let go.

Great leaders create the thoughts that inspire the masses. It’s never the other way around—not if they are to be great. What we believe about ourselves and the world around us always shows up at the dinner table.

Our words and how we choose to use them determine whether we blend into the crowd on the sidelines or play the game while others watch. 

I like to play the game. 

Executive Content Specialist - n. an influence copywriter who partners with subject matter experts to create content that attracts, persuades and converts. (see The Mentor's Copywriter)

My Services

Long Form Content

Yes, audiences DO have shorter attention spans these days, but only for drivel. When their brain cells latch on to content that’s going somewhere interesting, they’ll stay along for the ride. Content formulas have their place, but if you don’t know when or how to bend those rules, you’ll create nod-inducing pieces that fall flat. There’s always something interesting to share. My wheelhouse is finding those gems.

Web Copy

The most inviting website is like the best house in your neighborood —the one with the custom stone pavers in the driveway, lush landscaping, outdoor kitchen, and imported water feature. Great web copy is the sign on the front door that says, “All visitors welcome.” It’s an invitation to stop the drive-bys and come in to take a closer look. I create web copy with an open invitation.

Content Strategy

It’s not enough to create great content if there’s not a strong strategy in place to distribute it. A buyer’s journey can be a long and winding road. If you don’t have the right content GPS tracker (strong strategy) in place, you’ll miss connecting with prospects at the most important points. My job is to design a strategy that gets your content in front of your ideal customer at the right time. 

Brand partnerships

My Portfolio

See my full portfolio here.

Client Words

Shannon pushed me to do more in my writing and gave me the guidance and scaffolding I needed to polish and perfect all of my copy. Without her I would have been lost. 

Shannon went way above and beyond what an editing job would have called for….and most importantly, she helped me create a piece of writing that would make a difference to the readers.

I can’t say enough good things about this woman of excellence. I am so happy with the contet she wrote. She is such an awesome copywriter, the best I ever hired. 

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Let’s meet up once a month to talk about effective content, thought leadership,
and finding ways to slow down and breathe.